Wednesday, February 07, 2007

A survey for all you ACT residents

I was forward the following and thought it was worth making sure as many people as possible knew about it:

"Have your say: ACT Public Library hours under review

Dear friends of the ACT Library service

The ACT Government is currently looking to cut back on library times. Having closed Griffith Library, they are now looking to rationalize the opening hours across the remaining libraries.

It would be good if you could complete the online survey. Follow the link from"


Anonymous said...

There are one or two deficiencies in the online form. For example you only have the option to select one day as your regular use of the library. If you regularly use the library on more than one day of the week, perhaps an email to that effect could also be written.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Oh don't get me started on the deficiencies of the survey - I noticed the same thing and also wondered why the glaringly obvious question "If you don't go to the library regularly please state why?" wasn't included.

Sew-Thrifty! said...

Well, I'm not a Canberran, but I do go to our local library regularly....! Sherp, LOVE those knitting needle bracelets! How cool are they? Tooooo cool! Tried out Mr. Picasso-head, and had a blast....drooled over the fresh tom-soup, I would ask for the recipe, but I KNOW you are waaaaay to busy for I will content myself with drool. Have a nice week!