Sunday, February 18, 2007

So that was the weekend, then...

Not all good news, I'm afraid.

My bedroom CD player has decided again (it happened around 5 years ago) that it wasn't going to eject CDs anymore. Which is fine and dandy if you fancy listening to Hotel Costes 1 over and over again (hey, I'm feeling lucky - last time it crapped out it held Peter Blakley hostage which was much more embarrasing...)

Last time this happened I pranced down to LE Electronics in Dickson, threw some money at them (not literally, of course, I'm far too polite to do such a thing!) and quick as you can say "Bob's your aunty" we were all sorted and on our way.

5 years later LE Electronics have disappeared and I'm a tad flummoxed. Where am I going to find someone who won't automatically tell me it's cheaper to buy a new one? (And can they fix my car CD player at the same time?)

This, coupled with the fact I stood on a CD case I'd accidentally left on the stairs and thus sliced open my toe, meant it was a very quiet weekend, spent mainly downstairs (where the last working CD player in my life is), sprawled on the sofa, trying to catch up on some reading.

Not all bad, really. But there was nil crafting happening.

(Listening to: Greg Johnson Set, Everyday Distortions)


newgreenshoes said...

well all I can say is it probably will be cheaper to buy a new one. I had a perfectly decent Sony digital camera that was like 18 months old, went on the blink and the 18 yr old assistant laughed at me when I asked how much to fix it, technology certainly moves on faster than blinking nowadays

your little visitor looks horrid, euuchhh, we had the same visitors in the garden, they freaked me out

your little basket of books looks interesting, I am missing thrifting at the moment.

Taphophile said...

OUch to it all, although an arvo on the couch with a book doesn't sound too bad. What happened with the Siberian hamster?

Mondo Viagiatore said...

I use Darwinia Electrical Services in Torrens or somewhere like that for fixing pesky electrical goods that decide to jam. They are slow, but will do the job. I have the number if you want it.

Good to see that the "bush capital" still has "wildlife". I am so glad that it didn't decide to come in!!! A native cat visited me late one rainy night (a few years ago) and I screamed until the neighbours came over and removed it.

Joan Khoo said...

Unfortunately I have to agree with Newgreenshoes. It would be easier and cheaper to get a new cd player. But you friends looks cute and fuzzy.