Saturday, February 10, 2007

Second Hand Saturday - storage special

It would appear in retrospect that this week's frugalling theme was storage. Always handy stuff to have around the place, you know.Black three drawer filing cabinet $50 from the ADRA op shop in Braddon. I actually saw it there a while ago and vaguely considered my potential need for a second filing cabinet before deciding I didn't have the spare cash. Then this week I woke up one morning with the blinding certainty that it was mine and it really was about time I went and claimed it.White IKEA bookcase. An eBay special for $23.16 (but the buyer gave me an discount since he didn't have change so it worked out at a round $22)

Two CD storage racks. Salvos Mitchell, $2 each. There were more there but I couldn't justify that much CD storage potential. I can't be bothered photographing them. They're your basic black rectangular jobbies.

I also bought some CDs a stainless steel icebucket and some stuff for swaps.

Don't forget, tomorrow's Sunday which means I'm drawing the winner of my Blogiversary Bag. You still have time to comment
here and be in the running. And if you miss out, don't panic as I'm hoping to have my first range of bags up for sale in my eBay store tomorrow evening. Here's a sneak peek to whet your appetite..(Listening to: Anthems of Trance)


The Parental Unit said...

What a brilliant young lady you appear to be. We have never met, have we?

The Shopping Sherpa said...

I ain't no lady, Dad and you should know that!

May I suggest you get checked for Old Timers' disease?