Tuesday, February 27, 2007

So I compromised...

I'm wearing jeans. Neat, tidy jeans with a white T and a black V neck vest over the top, but jeans nonetheless. I feel so decadent.

And I took myself out for lunch, to what I consider is the only place to go on a wet grey Canberra day (OK, I'll ignore the fact that the sun came out as I left the driveway and stayed out until I got home again. Typical!)

I had soup at Tilleys:which worked out to be free because I ducked in next door beforehandwith the two crochet books I picked up for $6 and sold them for $25.

And now I notice that if I'd gone to the Tilleys site before I left home I could have had a free glass of wine as well. Probably just as well I didn't, though, as drinking at lunchtime is a bit much. Even if you are wearing jeans on a grey Canberra day...

(Listening to: Morrissey, Viva hate)


alasen said...

Oh, curse you, I might have paid you $25 for those crochet books! I was going to comment and say that the huge hooks one I always flick through in Borders, because the layout is so pretty. God knows if i'd ever actually make something with a huge hook, though.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Oh bum! First I thought I was getting in trouble for wearing jeans but then I discover someone wanted the books I sold. Argh! And I think it's too late to go get them back. (I can see it now... I'm standing back at the counter of Booklore. "You know how I said yesterday I was clearing out the books I had on crafts I'd realised I'd never get round to doing? Well..." *insert nervous laughter* "I got the sudden urge overnight to do some crochet so can I have my books back please?")

Helen said...

YAay for Viva Hate on a rainy day - especially 'Every Day is like Sunday'.

+ that soup looks yum - I haven't eaten soup for months and the photo made me want cooler weather and hotter food.

Come, aumtumn-geddon, come.

*yeek - corny joke*

seepi said...

Did you sell them the Sophie Kinsella? I've been trying to buy that on ebay for 10.00 or less for months!

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Seepi

No, the Sphie Kinsella is safely waiting on my To be read pile with an estimated reading date at this satge of, oh, 2029.

Then I was going to take it to the second hand book shop!

Seriously, though, if you want to come to some arrangement I'm happy to fast-track its reading and send it on to you.

seepi said...

Sounds like a plan!
I'm northside and I'm guessing you are too.
Or I could borrow it and read it quickly - but I'm a bit hard on books.
off to find your email now...

seepi said...

Couldn't find yr email - can you email me at