Saturday, July 01, 2006

A bad case of fiscal diarrhoea...

Lots of goodies today, which means lots of photos. Sorry in advance if you're not on broadband (now would be a really good time to go make a cup of tea or pour a glass of wine.)

This morning I made it to Vinnie's Mitchell, Belconnen and Dickson plus Salvos Mitchell and Belconnen. And here's what I got (blowing my frugalling budget for at least 3 weeks but since I decided half way through clothes don't count I think I actually work out on budget afterall. If not it'll be another week of pasta and tuna for me...)

Pirate nightshirt: $5. Yeah, I know I said I only wear black and white pjs but for this I decided grey sort of counted. I've had a thing for skulls and crossbones since my Bermuda cruise so this fits in with the theme quite nicely.
Red & white stripy 3/4 sleeve T: $6 and black quilted jacket: $10. I always seem to drift more towards adding a bit of red to my life in mid winter and this T shirt picks up my stripy obsession - and goes very well with black (as you can see!). The jacket, although pricier than most clothes I buy second hand fits really well and makes me feel very French. I seem to have a thing for jackets and coats and own far to many.New shoes for work: $6. I realised last week I don't have any shoes suitable for wearing with opaque pantihose. And these fit the bill perfectly. I actually imagine wearing them with the T and jacket above and maybe a shortish denim or black skirt. Oh la la!Slinky dressing gown: $7. Not something I really need but I adore the black and white pattern (there are even daisies in the centre of each tile - how could I not buy it?!) and justified it by pretending it's my travel dressing gown as it will fold up really really small. Hmmm... good story...White cotton Gap shirt: $6 Everyone needs a good white cotton shirt, right?

House stuffThree white vege bins for storage in the office (which hopefully will be photo ready really really soon - can I say that I took the photos and am typing this in my office?): $1 each. I've seen these in a number of op shops so hopefully I'll be able to pick up a few more. Which, of course means they'll all mysteriously disappear.

Telephone extension cord: $2. Using it now until the telephone girl comes in to bring the jack in the office back to life for me.

Plastic lunch container: $1. Same as the ones I already have. They seem to be off the market (with white lids at least) and I figure you can't have enough lunch containers.

Two glass daisy tealight holders: $1 for both. Another thing that's been haunting me over the past month or so - I've seen them in a number of op shops and decided it was a hint.

Sisters of Mercy music video: $3. I was gobsmacked to find this! It has two of my top 5 fave songs on it! I'll probably watch it this weekend.Funky retro cushions: $1 each. Don't need cushions but loved the fabric too much to leave them behind. Maybe the frugalled armchair could do with another cushion??And in the same don't need it but oh! category, this apron. Brand new: $3.50 Might tempt me back to doing some baking perhaps?Wonderful black, white & red hankie: 20 cents. Knitting needles: $1 a pair. Not sure about the red ones but 'tis better to have and give away (or redonate) than kick oneself later. And there's that red theme popping up again...

GiftiesAlex Liddy rubber ringed mug: $1. Princess B has a set of these mugs, smaller than this one. I figured she might be able to use this for sugar or for teaspoons, cherry pits, chocolate wrappers or whatever when she gives afternoon teas.Retro table cloth: $2.50 and apron: $3.50. These wanted to go to a certain someone.As did these bits of fabric: $1 the lot. The left hand one still has an original remnant price tag on it (63 cents!) and that's about what it cost me today! (And in honour of Canada Day I'm listening to Men Without Hats, The Cowboy Junkies, and Jane Siberry)


Sew-Thrifty! said...

HO! Thanks for the Canada Day plug! Wheeeeeee! It was 38 C here today....ahhhhh,'s sooooo nice to be WARM!

(...paybacks for the Kartell FIND OF THE FREAKIN CENTURY! MAN! I woulda had a HEART ATTACK if I had found lucky ducky!)

It's 1:05 AM, I just finished M's Canada Day Outfit while listening to new MP3...Joni Mitchell at present...LUV this thing - I can ROCK out all night and not wake anyone up! Just hope no one is walking by outside the window, hearing my horrible sing-alongs!

Cheersies! More soon!

Anonymous said...

oh. my. gosh! seriously you do find the best stuff! and clothes totally don't count! the robe! the apple apron! those HAD to come home with you!