Friday, August 04, 2006

Why can't life be simple?

It's been one of those days...

I'm the person that Help Desks hate. I must have been a Mystery Shopper in a past life or something as whatever problem I have is usually unlike anything anyone has seen before and causes much flumoxed reaction, putting on hold and talking to supervisors and general frustration all round.

Having said that I ended today with separate work and personal emails (and the ability to swap at will between them), an actual working phone jack in my home office (which may end up costing me a whopping $10 as when I was showing my friendly girl Electrician/ Phone Tech something on eBay we stumbled across an item which I expect to be able to get for $10 that she has been looking at paying $70 for. So the deal is if I can get it for her she'll waive my bill...), 18 dolls house sized designer chairs and, last but certainly not least, a new job.

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