Wednesday, September 27, 2006

I've decided to become a Nigel Sutton groupie

Nigel Sutton as Krispin K
I know I've mentioned Nigel Sutton before but I don't think I raved quite enough about how great I think his work is. The Krispin K Tours at The Powerhouse Museum (part of Sydney Design) in August each year are a highlight of my calendar and are always great fun. Plus you get to learn a lot more about the exhibits than what you usually would.

The reason I mention this now?
The Dora Fay Davenport Show is on again at The National Museum and today S and went along. For our $5 we got some cross dressingsome emotion and drama what looked like an apron hold up (but wasn't) "Don't you dare take my photo!"
Plus lovely aprons and vintage kitchenware to admire.

And I even got my photo taken with the man himself!

(Listening to: Nathan Haines, Squire for hire)


Anonymous said...

You look gorgeous , Love the red on you. What a fun day!

AMCSviatko said...

I think the only apt reply to a comment like that is "I want more!"

(Hey now hey now now, preferably)