Saturday, December 09, 2006

Two go mad in Goulburn (A Second Hand Saturday Special)

Lovely L and I woke at sparrow's fart this morning and headed off down Federal Highway with Lily Allen playing at top volume. We skirted the lake that isn't, stopped at The Big Merino to take a picture (as I forgot to do Corners of my World this week), plus a random garage sale that we stumbled across, before getting down to the business of the day. Frugalling!

This is the first time we've been frugalling together so it was interesting to see if our styles meshed, and, luckily I think we've ascertained that we are a great frugalling team. Hurrah!

All up we managed to cover 3 garage sales, 5 op shops and 1 second hand shop in 2 States over the course of 6 hours. When we arrived back at my place Lauren demanded a picture of me on the front porch surrounded by my haul:
(I bought all that?!)

The budget, needless to say was blow severely but I'm pretty stoked with what I managed to round up:

- Knitting tin, 50 cents (this is a gifty)
- Bag of cupcake icing coloured wool, $2.50
- Pink fluffy mohair and black wool, price unclear as they were part of a large lot I got quoted one price for (see below)
- 3 x 25g balls of green wool, 25 cents each (this now holds the record for cheapest wool I've purchased)
- 2 pairs of knitting needles. 1 pair was $1.00, the other pair I'm not actually sure as I got a discounted price for everything in my basket at that particular shop. Original price marked: $2.50 but I can assure you I spent nothing like that!Fabric fabric fabric! (from left top)

- Black and white gingham, 2 orange floral plus orange cord: part of the basket full mentioned above (plus a pile of red and white buttons not pictured here): $6.00 the lot.
- Black and white check fabric, actually a shirt which was free as Lauren was told she could fill a bag with clothes for 50 cents and it just went in with the rest of her stuff.
- Large piece green felt, 50 cents at the Goulburn garage sale.
- Denim with flower applique, $2.50. This is actually a brand new (with tag still attached) skirt. I hope to morph it into cushions in the next week.
- Animal print bedspread, price? Err, dunno. This was part of a large lot of stuff I got at Father Riley's Op Shop where the very helpful woman behind the counter kept assuring us everything was half price and we could expect bargains and she wanted to take us out to the back room to see the rest of the stuff so by the time I got to the counter she just quoted me $25 for the large pile I had which seemed reasonable enough so I just took it all.Included in the pile were three bags which I think she said were 50 cents each. The one on the left is a gift, the other two I plan to salvage the handles from for other bag projects.Also in the same pile was a vintage bicycle bell and front basket for my vintage bike,plus a copy of Newnes Home Management Volume 2 (hysterically funny), a set of four Winnie the Pooh books and a wooden puzzle (destined for E), two white plastic pamphlet boxes, a round Tupperware container and a white snail (I think that was 50 cents). Oh and a pile of buttons which I forgot to photograph.

Also pictured:
- 2 Muppet videos, $2 each from the garage sale down the road,
- 3 small glass bottles, 20 cents each
- Rule Britannia CD full of funky tunes, 50 cents.

All up I bought four jam jars, two piles and four cards of buttons and forgot to photograph them except for these which are actually the backs but I think would look great on a Little Birds soft tree:And, of all that wasn't enough for one week these are my lunchtime finds from a couple of op shops I got to last week:
- Funky brown flowery tablecloth, $3. Destined for bag land I suspect.
- Denim jacket, $10.00
- White cotton cot sheet, $2.00
- Knitting needles, $1.00
- Ball of wool, 50 cents
- Two china shells, 50 cents each. It's official then. I have a collection.
- Qantas dermalogica travel bag, $1.50.

I'm tired now...

(Listening to: Radio Groove
Volume Two: French Revolution)


Unknown said...

My goodness, you made out like a bandit! Love those stripey buttons. They would look adorable on a soft tree!

The giant sheep made me giggle!

Anonymous said...

phew six shops, 2 garage sales, 2 states, in six hours, you are serious thrifters. I love the fabric haul especially the funky florals

I reckon I need to come on a thrifting lesson with you girls

Anonymous said...

hi, first time here from random blog hopping..

wow that's a very good find - fab fabrics and buttons! Just beginning to visit op shops myself but I hardly find anything here in Melb ... hmm...


Anonymous said...

Ooh - what a haul! I have op-shop envy! Good on you.

Look forward to seeing what you create with all the crafty-bits!