Sunday, December 03, 2006

The weekend passed in a bit of a creative frenzy

Woman holding a hot glue gun aiming at the camera.I've been in a state of longing since I spied Little Birds' button wreath. Not for the wreath per se, but for a hot glue gun to make the wreath with (I must be about the only person in the crafting world not to own one).

After a three day cooldown period I woke up this morning and decided I could justify a trip down to the Canberra Centre to have a look at glue guns as I also needed a couple of other crafty things for the stuff I'm working on for Christmas.

And there, at Hot Dollar was a white glue gun which was just perfect (we'll ignore the fact I could have got a blue one for $2 less, shall we?) I'm feeling fulfilled. If only it was that easy all the time.

I've had a very full-on crafty weekend all round really. Sent a list of what I managed to do yesterday to Raven-haired Sis and she replied:

"You are a busy bee!

I hope you have a good day today. Remember to breathe..... ;)

I would suggest a walk in the park to decraft for a bit, but knowing you it may go like this: ........ you'll find some interesting leaves....oh that could look good laminated.....oh a picture with....oh ,twigs inside....oh....and some of that autumn mohair from that op shop in it...yes yes , brilliant!!!!

Oh look... pine cones!.....hey a christmas tree made soley of pine cones painted black and white, great!! But first I need to get to a craft shop and buy that laminater and spray paint.........

Hee hee, I know you so well - LOL!"

Gulp! She does indeed, and here I was thinking that it sounded like a good idea. A little stroll through
Glebe Park to calm me after the horror of the mall in December.

But I went to the mall early, parked on the street (where most people seem to forget you can park on Sundays) and was in and out of
Hot Dollar with nary a hair out of place and a sizable bag of craft supplies for $30 (including the object of my affection pictured above)

So what have I been producing? Some things I can't show you for obvious Christmassy reasons but I can show you the following (in order of creation):

Thanks to
Twelve22 I seem to have (almost) mastered the zippered pouch:Zippered pouch made with coloured leaf fabric, sitting on a length of black and white leaf fabric.Now I'm wondering if I should colour in some more fabric and make a matching bag to make the gift more substantial...

Speaking of bags, remember this? Today I made a big sister for it which, unfortunately, won't be staying here but will be heading to Brisbane in time for Christmas. I get to share the photo as the lovely Karla knows she's getting it.
I decided on a larger version as the little one, though cute, is rather impractical for anything other than the standard wallet/ keys/ hanky/ phone/ makeup. And I made the straps longer so it can be worn over the shoulder if necessary.Two hand-made bags in colours of pink, white and black, displayed on an ironing board with an iron.On a creative rolls, I moved on to the button wreath (I wouldn't let myself play with the glue gun til I'd finished the bag which has been on my To Do list for weeks. And weeks. And... you get the idea!)A white button wreath hanging on a screen door.I can see things I would have done better now I've had some experience but it's definitely good enough to hang on the front door.Seven knitting stitch markers under construction.Finally I made up some stitch markers from some bits and bobs I picked up at Hot Dollar. These are a gift but I think I'll be making plenty more of them as they are easy peasy lemon squeezy to put together.Four completed knitting stitch markers, with the letters K, N, I and T on them.
And then I collapsed. And realised what an utter shambles the house is after a frenzied weekend of crafting. And how empty my tummy is after being so wrapped up in the creative process that I forgot to eat lunch or dinner. And, pleasingly, how much shorter my Christmas present To Do list is.

In fact I now have all my overseas gifts packed and/ or posted and should have the Australian ones I need to post sorted by the end of this week. I think a glass of wine is in order.

(Listening to: Loop Select 005)
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Anonymous said...

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AMCSviatko said...

Huh?! Why would Friday the 13th be a particularly stressful day to shop and why mention it anyway as there is no Black Friday this month?

Or am I missing something?

Yours in calendar confusion.

Anonymous said...

Funny to hear the Mall parking thing happens at your malls too.
Our mall ,St Lukes, car park is chocker in the weekend, but as with yours people circle round and round like sharks to fight for parking spaces, when often right by the entrance there are parks on the street (?!?)
My theory is malls put people in a trance state before they even reach them and they become oblivious :)

Anonymous said...

black friday is the name given to the busiest shopping day of the year, the day after thanksgiving (thanksgiving falls on the 3rd thursday of november)...that's when all the stores have huge sales and everyone and their momma is out shopping; and you can end up black and blue because it gets rough out there! people line up outside the stores a day in advance and push and shove to get what they want. there was a riot outside walmart to get inside in one state!

i'm in love with you bags!

Carson said...

thought this flikr group had shopping sherpa all over it

leslie said...

wow, you've really been busy! everything looks fantastic, i love the zippered pouch.

Anonymous said...

Where did you get those fabric markers??????

AMCSviatko said...

Target! They're Crayola.