Saturday, March 24, 2007

Has it been a year already? (plus Second Hand Saturday)

One-twelfth scale miniature scene of a man inside a house with a beer in his hand watching a football match on TV. Outside the ranch sliders in the garden, three gnomes are lined up sitting on mushrooms, watching the match through the glass.It's time once again for the ACT Miniature Enthusiasts' show. It doesn't seem like a whole year...

Above is one of my favorite displays, which I've seen before and always always forget to take a note of the title and the maker. Loving the garden gnomes all lines up on their toadstools ready to watch the footy and the look on the human's face!

New this year is Shop til you drop by Charlenewho takes the theme quite literally!Charlene and her husband Robert are Brindabella Miniatures. Once again I ended up spending the lion's share of my mini budget with them, for good reason (thumb tack added for scale. Yes, the pieces really are that small!)
All three pieces were originally bought as a final touch to a very very belated mini swap with Elisabeth in Sweden but already the candle has decided it's staying right here thank you very much.
I also did a special order with Brindabella for a full set of five of these canisters. The smallest is littler than my little fingernail yet they all are hollow with removable lids...The only other purchase I made was this wire dress form to add to my shabby chic mini bedroom (wouldn't that candle look just perfect on the dressing table next to it?)And in case you think the only shopping happening round here is of the 1/12th variety, may I present this week's frugalled haul:* 2 tins: $1 each. I love love LOVE storage. Especially cheap plain metal storage.
* 3 books: total $13. What would a frugalling week be without a book (Or two. Or three)?
* 2 balls of wool: $1.50. As if last week wasn't enough. But all those bright colours need some plain backing and I've almost used up my
last ball of white.
* Lovely silky Asian fabric and thick wintery moss green cord fabric. $16 total.
Guru's Jazzmatazz street soul: $3.50. Excellent, have been wanting this for a while.
(Listening to: oddly enough, Guru's Jazzmatazz street soul!)

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Anonymous said...

ooh, lovely finds!
I have that jazzmatazz cd too. it's great, isn't it? Must dig that out again.