Sunday, May 27, 2007

Back (but buggered)

552: Kms driven.
170: Design classics read about (only 693 to go before June 8th, when the books are due back).
152: Photos taken.
59: Number of times Killers' Read my mind Pet Shop Boys mix was played in car (rough estimate only).
45: Minutes stuck in traffic jam in the middle of nowhere on the way home.
11: Cupcakes knitted.
10: Boxes of Happy Feet smarties purchased.
4: Friends hung out with.
2: Op shops visited.
1: Birthday dinners eaten.
1: Birthday cakes presented.
0: Op shop purchases made.


Taphophile said...

No op shop purchases! Does this give you a get out of gaol free card for next month?

Denise said...

Am amazed at your 'nil points' score for op shop purchases! The rest sounds pretty wonderful - hope you recover from the trip quickly :)

I'd love to see photos of your knitted cupcakes!

AMCSviatko said...


Try here:


and here:

(The new dozen are prestty much the same as the original lot but possibly have some variations in decoration. And may be looking for new homes in the near future...)