Thursday, July 05, 2007

About bloody time!

Finally caught at lunchtime today: two more dinner plates for The Great Maxwell Williams Dinner Set Challenge of 2006/2007. Total cost? 80 cents. I need one more cereal plate and then I'll have a dinner set for 6.

Also snapped up (apparently within minutes of them being put out): one brand new pair of leather Miss Shop work shoes. $20.

And the background? Ah, yes.... *shuffles feet and looks ever so slightly shifty* that would be a $5 cotton fitted sheet with two matching pillows. For this month anyway. Next month it'll mysteriously turn into fabric stash...

And now I'm off to brave the dark, wet and cold (in my "new" shoes) to meet Aunty A for a two-for-one deal on I Do at Dendy. And a cheap feed.


Taphophile said...

That gust you feel is a huge sigh of relief - The Shopping Sherpa is back in business!

Jesse said...

Those are beautiful shoes!