Friday, July 06, 2007

A fabulous Friday

The sun was shining (for a change), the birds were singing (when they weren't taunting the cat who was up the tree trying to catch them. I felt like I'd stumbled into a scene from Peter and the Wolf while doing the dishes this morning, but alas the camera was upstairs and I knew it would all be over by the time I fetched it). And it was warm enough for me to have the back door open all day. Bliss!

It gets better, though. Waiting at the post office was a package from dayglo days

who had offered to hunt down a NZ Music Month T shirt and send it to me. But that wasn't all that was in the package, no siree!

Also included were five bags of Grainwaves (*sigh*), a piece of "Kiwi kitch" (her words, honest!), an issue of Busted, a magazine I didn't know existed, black and white ric rac, white cotton lace (anyone that includes Grainwaves and ric rac in the same package is A OK by me!). Plus a tres groovy black white and acrylic ring and, last but certainly not least, a Toast badge.

More bliss. Now I need to get my reply package in the mail...

Other things that made today fab:

* I bought groceries (and went all out - spending a whooping $33.05 excluding fruit and vege!)

* The first of the financial year accounts are sorted and squared away.

* I did five loads of washing (which all dried except for the jumpers)

* After months of frustration with the eBay Markdown Manager and the many ways it didn't work for me I gave up and spent the morning manually discounting my bargain corner stock and this month's package deals. Tedious work but very fulfilling when I'd finished and realised I shouldn't have to touch them again!

* I loaded some more pictures of my miniatures onto Flickr for the Australian Miniature Enthusiasts magazine, Tiny Times to use in their next edition.

* After buying a jar of tahini (which seemed a lot cheaper that I remembered) with the groceries this morning I cooked up a pot of chickpeas and turned them into hummus:which gave me hot raw garlic tummy when I tested it (I haven't had hot raw garlic tummy for ages - an excellent way to keep warm!)

Unfortunately I forgot a very important fact (note to self: you live alone. You really need to remember to halve recipes whenever you can unless you want said food item to feature highly on your menu for the next week. Or two...) and produced enough hummus to (almost) fill a small bucket.

And I had some lovely beany water left over which I froze for future stock making possibilities...

* This week's bread dough is started and I'm experimenting with using some wholemeal flour.

* Taph told me we accidentally crashed the wrong opening last Friday so she and I went along to the correct opening tonight where we drank more free wine and ate free food (including some very good blue cheese)

I found myself saying seriously "I'm a bit worried. I've left my bread dough at home alone without the heater on. I hope its OK..." I'm turning into a sad sad woman.

* The nice man at Mooble gave me a free glass of organic wine to try when I ducked in there to waste some time on the way to the opening.

* Taph gave me a book! And a lift home! I got rid of some of my hummus mountain as a thank you present in return!

* And, finally I sort of accidentally bought the latest Air CD for $12 as we wandered past Landspeed Records on the way back to the car. Oops...

Still, can't complain as the whole night only cost me $16.80!

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