Saturday, June 06, 2009

Cook from the Cupboard: The Friday Freebie edition

Yesterday = Early shift at work. Catch-up with friends. Double feature at ANU Film Group. No photos. No witty commentary. Sorry.

Breakfast: Cup of tea. Muesli and milk
Morning tea: Crackers and cheese. Apple
Lunch: Spinach, lentil and coriander soup from the freezer. Toast. Yoghurt
Afternoon Tea: Banana. Mini Crunchie bar courtesy of the Executive Director of Job #2

Dinner: Chips and aioli, dips and Turkish bread and wine at Tilleys, courtesy of J and Cycling S. I thought it was my birthday celebration but they both declared it was too ordinary (and speedy as I had to be at ANU Film Group for 7:30) to be any such thing. So we'll have to do something else soon...

Today's purchases: Nothing. Weehee!

Total spent today: $0

Total for June: $218.74

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