Sunday, June 26, 2011

Purple? Painful.

While I was offline I received a mini mini swap parcel from the fabulous Call of the Small

She knew I was after the Bandai clock she showed in this post and managed to pick one up for me, including a few added extras in the parcel:So, the weekend before last, I decided to create a scene using the clock and the lilac seagrass paper she'd included. Things did not go well: and I gave up in frustration after half an hour.

Perhaps the problem is that I don't actually have much in my collection that's purple?(The perspex table in the trials above was ordered as cerise but they were out of it and substituted the purple instead. I figured I could always give it away if I didn't find a use for it...)

I've had purple on my mind ever since, mulling over how I could make the scene work at odd times of the day (and night). Yesterday I picked up a ball of
Fairy Floss at the Lincraft sale. In purple. Perhaps a purple flokati might help things along?


callsmall said...

You know, I strongly considered not sending you the paper due to its color, but I thought you might be up for a challenge! I do love how all the bits look in the first picture.

ninaribena said...

Throw in a little green?