Friday, November 18, 2011


Something. I don't quite know what.

After I pulled the
Deer ♥ scene down and was left with just the carpet and one wall, I felt the need to create another scene with the same bones.
But somehow, no matter how much I tweaked it, made the back story for it (holiday home, near the coast, available for rent when the family isn't using it themselves.... I guess I'm realising how long it's been since I've been down the coast in real life)
I just wasn't satisfied.
I left it alone for a couple of days, waiting to see if inspiration struck.

It didn't. So it's coming down tonight.

Oh well, these things happen, right?


ayala land premier said...

why dont you just put a mirror on the wall instead of the cabinet so it doesnt look blank.

Vanessa said...

It was a great idea. I think you need something to balance out the heavy cabinet that is there. Did you try some greenery of some sort?

Stephanie Kilgast said...

omg! you have an entire box filled with mini boooks!!! squeeeeee!!

Yeah well and for the scene, sometimes it just doesn't work out. That's ok ^^

Mini Dork said...

My favorite part is the 2 white bookcases behind the couch. I think the shelves look fantastic. I am also in awe of your box of books. WOW.

AMCSviatko said...

Whenever I make a batch of books for a swap, I make a set for me as well.

They're supposed to live in bookcases in one of my apartment scenes but get used so often I just gave up and keep them in a box lid...

web design said...

I think you need to put another color, like your furniture's.


Unknown said...

i think it's not me, but i don't see the problem XD looks rather cosy to live in to me!

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Elaro said...

I like it Simple but cute
keep it up
well done
God bless


jennilyn Ely said...

last photo kind the messy looks
very unorganized, not good in my eyes
try to put a shelves .

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