Sunday, August 25, 2013

At home with Hello Kitty

I was wandering past the newsagents at Belconnen Mall this afternoon when I spotted something suspiciously dolls house shaped out of the corner of my eye.

And so it was that I discovered the new part series 'At home with Hello Kitty'. I picked up issue one, mainly because I figured $2.95 was a decent price to pay for this set of plates and trays:
 Here's a picture of the back of the package:
 Some of the inclusions have potential for upcycling into useful pieces for larger scale scenes (At home is 3/4 scale...) This light fitting, for instance:
 some of the bits from the study:
 and some of the kitchen pieces:
 But I understand what I call the Del Prado principle, which is that what seems like a small outlay each week will end up with you paying way more than you need to for a pretty shoddy end result.

Having said that, I am tempted by the food included with issue 2:
Anyone else seen this series?


Unknown said...

This managed to come home with us on Friday as well.... I think Issue #2 will also manage to be added to the collection.

Hannah said...

That looks very cute I can see why you bought it. Its hard knowing there are more to come, you might just have to buy it all ;)
I've never seen this, but I live in Sweden, so we might not have it here =)

AMCSviatko said...

Hi Hannah

It looks like it's only available in the UK, South Africa and Australia at the moment...

Unknown said...

Here in Italy is sold in the newspapershop.
I've bought same issues only, but not all the collection because my work room is not very large...
Furniture and building are made of pure plastic, but they could be re-arranged...(you have to have a 'lot' of fantasy....!)
A friend of mine is going to build it:....
Ciao ciao Franca

dollworld said...

I bought a few pieces of thi set, refrigerator, a showcase and a cabinet with shelves. They are very cute and easy to color. All the dollhouse is too expensive but few pieces is definitely a valid purchase

Unknown said...

Ciao sono Manu e visto che ne hai parlato posseggo tutta la casa di Hello Kitty. Se ti interessa sapere qualcosa di piĆ¹ mi puoi trovare
Un caro saluto, Manu

Artsupplies said...

So cute