Saturday, August 03, 2013

Continuing tales of a yellow table

You'd think, after three rounds (and over a month) in the spotlight, that dratted yellow table would have had enough.
But no, it keeps calling to me with new ideas for scenes. And since I'm not sure I'm actually going to complete any of them, I figured it was time to do another inspiration round-up post.

Idea 4

I bought this card from Fiona Roderick at the June Handmade Market:
 and it made me think of a study belonging to an Ornithologist. Or perhaps a writer of books about birds. Or something.
The scene called for hessian-like walls. And some suitably bird-like accessories.
 And, at this stage, I think this idea could be a keeper.
(As an aside, I often trial my scenes sideways)

Idea 5

This one starts with a most unlike-me canvas that one of the assistants at Typo kept aside for me a while back. I walked into the shop and she said 'I'm glad you came in: I was about to write this off as it's been cut, but then I thought you could use it for a scene' So I bought it for $1.
 And thus the challenge was set. I think the yellow table could work quite well with the over-sized flowers on the canvas, but should the canvas be a wall...
 or the floor?
 (Perhaps it's time for Limited to have another makeover?)
I'll think a bit more and come back to this one...

Idea 6

I've been daydreaming about baches and holiday houses recently. I blame the book My Cool Shed, which I picked up cheap a while back (and the video I watched about Tove Jansson's life)

Then, this morning I watched a stop motion animation wedding video and spotted this:
 And suddenly thought 'I could make that! I've just been given some spare mat board bits and have some corrugated iron tucked away somewhere...' And, just like that, the bach shrank down to a garden shed concept with a desk for writing and a day bed for napping.
 Except, when I contacted the local dolls house shop to see if they had any pre-painted french doors, the answer was no and, since they were at a miniature railway show this weekend, going to buy the plain ones they did have would cost me $8 entry fee. So the shed-building was put off until next weekend (unless I decide to get very clever and make my own doors out of mat board, which may just happen)

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