Monday, September 08, 2014

Shapeways here I come

Almost a year ago I managed to find a miniature version of the Emeco Navy chair, much to my delight.

Today, I received a package containing another chair design I've been wanting in miniature for ages: the Xavier Pauchard Model A chair.
A dolls house miniature scene of four Xavier Pauchard Model A chairs around a cafe table.
Created by Shapeways thanks to the joys of 3D printing.

Don't you love the twenty-first century? 


Kikka N said...

Hi! Those chairs are so cool!

Kristine PaperDollMiniatures said...

These look so good! And I like the quick little scene with the wood panelling and the picture, its very urban and contemporary. Which kind of finish did you opt for on the chairs? I took a look at shapeways after reading your post and saw there were two kinds... And I'm so excited to see lots of bright colours! Thanks for sharing such a great find :) I'm hoping they keep making more models, can you imagine the tall bar stools like this?

AMCSviatko said...

I chose the polished metallic plastic but the colour's not quite right and it's a bit too sparkly so they may be meeting a spraycan sometime soon. And yes, the stools would be awesome: I'd planned to contact the designer after I'd seen the chairs in real life and suggest they do the stool versions :-)

Pepper said...

I was just going to ask if they were painted but I've seen you mention spraycan above =0P You must be keeping humbrol going ha-ha. Yeah, the 21st century rocks!