Thursday, September 11, 2014

We call it acieed (aka: the convoluted process that is inspiration...)

Last night I was watching a couple of videos by Hurts on YouTube, trying to decide if I wanted to buy their second album or not, when the colour scene for one of the videos hit me as one that could work well in a miniature scene.

 So I pulled out the swan chair that Elvira had sent me, a vintage German table and a tiled placemat to see what happened.
Modern dolls house wooden table, swan chair and red tiled floor:view from above.
What happened was there needed to be some white.
Modern dolls house white table with wooden crate on it, swan chair and red tiled floor:view from above.
And then what happened is that I pulled put my stash of pictures,and this Avant card was on top, It was a simple thing to swap the red tile sheet for the purple one.
Modern dolls house white table, swan chair, colourful postcard and purple tiled floor:view from above.
(I don't use purple much, partially because it can be difficult to photograph, so figured this would be an interesting challenge).
Modern dolls house miniature scene of a purple rocket, bowl of colourful sweets and jar of tiny beads in front of a colourful poster.
An eraser from a December 2013 shopping trip, a jar of beads from Mod Pod Miniatures, and sweets from, I think, Elvira but I can't actually remember. I found them in stash anyway!
Modern dolls house miniature scene of a study with white walls and purple tiled flooring. A teal swan chairs sits in front of a white table with a laptop on it. A white shelving unitl is to the right and a large place lamp is attached to the right-hand wall.
 And a book light from the Typo Not Quite Right table. Too small to use next to the desk, I decided to try it attached to the wall.

And then the name came to me in a(nother) song.


Susan@minicrochetmad said...

Haha, you're on a roll! Love your way with modern, can't do it myself. You have a creative gift!

Elf said...

I love the modern take on this one :D