Sunday, December 07, 2014

A massive Saturday night

Local tourist attraction Cockington Green held a night opening last night - something they usually only do for school groups.

My Co Editor (who had drived down from Sydney for the event) and I were on tenterhooks all day as it's been a rainy weekend and we were hoping it wouldn't be rained out.

But it went ahead despite the rain, giving us the opportunity to splash our way around the exhibits without having to deal with the usual festive crowds.
Miniature model version of the main building at Cockington Green Gardens, at night.
I was surprised how different it felt, being there at night.

We'd arrived while it was still light, so had a drink in the cafe while we waited for it to get dark (and giggled about how this wasn't your usual Saturday night drinking spot).
A bottle of special-label Cockington Green wine next to a glass of it.
Once it got dark I managed to photograph some quite unusual shots of the buildings:
Miniature model of a railways station with a train at the station, at night.
Miniature model street scene of a tree and a concrete wall on a hill in the rain.
Miniature model of colourfull apartment buildings at night.
Miniature model of a lit-up building surrounded by bushes, at night.
 (Here are some very old photos of some of the same places during the day).

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