Tuesday, December 02, 2014

On top of spaghetti

I'm concentrating hard this month on getting things finished. (Because we all know that an-almost-one-year break is more than enough time, no matter what excuses real life throws at you...)

And using a last-in-first-out approach meant that tonight I filled my pasta jar from Saturday's workshop and glued on its bottom. (Vermicelli for mini pasta. Who knew?)
Dolls' house miniature jar of spaghetti, with a bag of full-sized vermicelli in the background.
I was going to glue* a label on it but then realised that I should follow the rule I have in my full-sized kitchen: If it's obvious what's in it, don't label it.

I probably could have finished this project last night, but I had the sudden urge to visit Kmart in search of my very own cheap nail varnish to paint jar lids.
Dolls' house miniature jar of spaghetti, with five full-sized bottles of nail varnish behind it.
It's been a while since I explored the possibilities of nail varnish.

(*Because I haven't made time to look for my stash of Xyron refills so far this week.)

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