Monday, April 06, 2015

Side-tracked by shelfies

As a devious way to combine making some scenes with my acquisitions from last weekend's ACT Miniature Enthusiasts show and creating book-themed content for the Australian Miniature Enthusiasts Association Facebook page, I decided to introduce the concept of shelfies, and invite members to share their versions.

 My example shelfie was somewhat out of character:
Modern miniature dolls' house scene with a white shelf in front of pink striped wallpaper. On the shelf is a succulent in a white and gold pot, a blue painting of a lady, a set of Jane Austen novels and a bowl of pink and white Easter eggs,
but used a number of items I bought at the show. The pot I'd picked up as part of one of this year's 'bags of bits', which I love so much, and the succulent in it was $2.50 from (I think) Ryan's Realm.The blue picture was $1 from someone else's cheapy pile, and the set of Jane Austen novels were $30 from Michelle's Miniatures. The easter eggs I bought cheaply from Victorian Dollhouses earlier this weekend as they were out of scale. A bit of spray paint and suddenly my miniature Easter egg collection has grown...

My other version is much more 'me' (if only my real house was this tidy!)
Modern dolls' house scene of a mid-century modern desk with shelf above holding a selection of books and magazines plus various industrial-style ornaments in browns and blacks,
I bought the desk, shelf, in tray and magazine holders from minisx2 six months ago and have been waiting for the perfect opportunity to use them. The chair is Reac.The wallpaper was a free sample from Masters (you're only supposed to tear off 20 cm but I may have overestimated my measuring a teensy bit...)
Modern dolls' house shelf  holding a small shabby bird house, a cork number 8, two cogs, a bowl full of pine cones, a jar with shell inside, holding up several books.
On the top shelf: a tiny birdhouse from Dawn Watson's stall the show ($5), a cork number from the Typo Not Quite Right table ($2 for a set of 44), cogs from last year's craft fair (don't remember how much they were but probably a couple of dollars a bag).You've seen the pine cones and dish before.

The jar of shells was part of the stash that Elvira sent me in June last year, and the books and magazines are from my stash of made and purchased items.

On the right of the desk is a basket of black and white sewing by Dianne Cotterill that I couldn't resist at the show ($13), 
Dolls' house miniature sewing basket with various fabrics and notions in black and white, plus scissors and a tape measure.
and on the left my usual collection of stationery, plus an iPad in the in tray (Wow! the owner of this place is seriously organised!)
Modern dolls' house scene of a mid-century modern desk with an iPad sitting in an intray, a vintage tape dispenser and stapler and a distressed silver jug holding pens, pencils and scissors.

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Elf said...

Wow, that is one really nice set, and I love the way your arranged it! Look so 'real' :D
Also nice to see those super cute tiny shells, I found those at the beach where I live! Wishing you a happy day! Elvira