Thursday, December 31, 2015

Behind the scenes

Yesterday's christmas-themed scene started while I was editing the February issue of The tiny Times, which is themed 'For the love of miniatures'.

Although the submission deadline isn't until February 10, I know that it's always a bit of a struggle filling the February issue as people are more focused on end-of-year festivities that on writing about what their club and they have been working on recently.

So I figured it might be a good idea to have a couple of scenes ready to fill space, just in case (and besides, it's been two years since any of my miniature work has been published in the magazine!)

At this stage of the editing process I often have a temporary picture for the front cover of the issue: one that would be perfectly adequate if nothing is submitted that would work better, For this issue I decided that my Lucky Dip scene from April would do the job nicely: and if it ended up being the final cover, I could include a DIY project for making the dipped vases.
Front cover of the February 2016 issue of The tiny Times magazine.
I remembered last year's never-completed lounge for Seaside Shack, with its wall of heart art, and made a note to finish it off and photograph it just in case.

But before I got to that I noticed the pile of Lundby dolls' house furniture sets I'd been given, sitting on my spare office chair waiting for me to use them. Including the Småland Red LivingRoom Set (60.2081).
Box for a Lundby dolls' house living room set 60.2081
And it seemed like the perfect time to finally work some of the (3/4" scale) Lundby pieces into my usual (1/12" scale) scenes.
Contents of a Lundby dolls' house living room set 60.2081
From this set I chose the picture (of course) and the books (I always need more books). I want to try using the tables in a future scene as wall display shelves, so I put them aside. The sofa and cushion were also put aside as I'm not sure how I'll use them yet...
Modern dolls' house miniature Lundby love picture, round white rug and two books.
Also in the pile was a Småland White Bed (60.2062), given to me by a friend and set aside until I had a scene to use the heart-shaped cushions in.
Lundby dolls' house bedroom set 60.2062, in original packaging.
Modern dolls' house miniature Lundby love picture, round white rug, two books and two heart-shaped cushions.
I shopped the stash for other items that might work, including a christmas tree that's been loitering for ages and that I have no memory of acquiring, some scrapbooking paper given to me in a swap from my friend Sandra, and a Tiffany & Co bag from a swap with Phillip Nuveen, which picked up the teal in the love picture.
Selection of modern miniature dolls' house accessories in shades of pink, green and white.
By this stage I was feeling quite uncomfortable, partly because it's been almost two months since I've made a scene and partly because the whole feel of what I'm putting together is so not my usual style...

Then, just to add the discomfort, I decided that this would be the perfect scene to finally try and make a bath sofa for. I've only been wanting to make one in miniature for 20 years, since I used to sit in one at our local after-work drinking spot in Wellington.

Luckily, I have a couple of Chrysnbon bathroom kits set aside for just such an occasion.
Chrysnbon dolls' house miniature bathroom furniture kit F-230, with miniature bath held up in front.
Initially, I was trying to work out how to cut a curved line out of the front of it, but after some googling of pictures of bath sofas, I decided that it would be easier all round if I just cut straight across the front.

So, secure in the knowledge that I had a spare if I completely wrecked my first attempt, I attached a length of masking tape where I wanted to make the cut, drew a guide line onto it, help my breath and turned on the scroll saw.

And all was well!
Chrysnbon dolls' house miniature bath, with front cut off to make it into a sofa.
In the end I was a bit over the whole thing. There are a couple of things I should have tweaked, but all in all I'm happy with the results of my experiments: I discovered that Lundby works well in 1/12 scale (there are actually five Lundby items in the final scene), and I now have a miniature bath sofa, which crosses one more thing off my mini wish list!
Modern miniature dolls house scene with a Christmas tree, bathtub sofa and a 'love' picture on the wall and matching heart-shaped cushion on the sofa.


m1k1 said...

Ha! I know you. You'll never be able to use that first picture for the cover because the wallpaper isn't square! (guffaw.)
(love your work)

AMCSviatko said...



(Luckily it's a simple scene to redo if I need to...)

kittyandkatminiatures said...

The bathtub couch has stolen my heart!

Kathy S. said...

I've never seen a bathtub sofa before - so refreshing! Happy New Year!

H. Bean said...

It makes a cute cover! Can't you just rotate the original photo in Photoshop & square the top line of the hearts up? (edit > transform > rotate). Good job with the bathtub sofa!