Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Goulburn goodies

While I was in Goulburn on Friday, I made sure to visit Dimmey's, my favourite discount store there (I'm not linking to their website because they have an annoying auto-play ad which you can't stop).

I spent some time trawling through this large display of 49-cent placemats
Shelves full of placemats in a discount store.
and came away with a good number that I plan to use as flooring, wall covering and for screens.
Selection of placemants in black and white and gold.
Also new in the stash are these laser-cut beams for my HBS Creatin' Contest build pergola (thanks to JWT Dollshouses and Miniatures for the fabulous and speedy service).
Four laser-cut wooden beams laid out on the invoice.
 Speaking of the HBS Creatin' Contest build, I'm planning the front and staring more closely on the windows in my real house than I ever have, to see how they're made...
Reading glasses, metal ruler, calculator, pen and bowl of pasta on top of a piece of paper with a plan for a wall with windows.
And there's been lots and lots (and lots) of undercoating over the past week.


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