Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Softly softly September

Aerial view of a work table showing glue and a toothpick, two piles of miniature book covers and two lots of book covers glued to cardboard inners, clamped and waiting to dry.
It's been a busy month work-wise and so the Lori Loft to Love still sits on my desk in much the state it was in a month ago.

And I'm trying another tack to entice my mini mojo back (again) now that the days are longer.

In doing a deep clean of my studio, I came across a plastic tub that I'd obviously shoved things into ages ago (so long ago, that is, that I forgot it even existed until I pulled it out!). And I've decided to, instead of pressuring myself to make the big scene, just slowly work through all those little boring tasks that will make things done (even if not perfect). And empty the tubs.

So this week I've been making books. Which is slightly ironic since the Lifeline Bookfair was the weekend just gone and I decided not to go as I had more than enough unread books to keep me going for now, not to mention other budgetary priorities...


Elizabeth S said...

You can never have too many books and your little ones look like a good way to keep you pleasantly and productively occupied whilst awaiting the ever fickle Mojo to return. ;D

Jodi Hippler said...

Good thinking! Sometimes just making the small items in batches gets you excited for the larger and more challenging tasks.