Saturday, July 21, 2018

Tiny treasures at the tip (shop)

I've previously sung the praises of Canberra's city-based tip shops, especially for discovering unexpected miniature finds.

What I neglected to mention is that there are two more tip shops in Canberra: one at each of the resource management centres (the new term for tip, dump, or whatever you call it where you live). And those ones are massive.

Canberra is in the fortunate position to have a fairly high level of education (and pay) and also a rather transient population. Which means the resource management centres have a regular supply of items too good to end up in landfill (see example A (or is that A sharp?)).

I don't visit the tip shops very often, as I have that whole 'trying to save money/ have enough stuff already' thing going on. But the day after this year's Canberra Miniature Fair and Dollshouse show I popped in because I needed bigger plants pots for my work plants (even though I'd replanted them already at the beginning of the year), and figured it was the right place to start.

While searching for the gardening department, I stumbled across an entire end of the shed that looked like a craft shop: except it was at the tip. Wandering inside, I spotted a dolls' house on display:
Child's wooden dolls' house filled with home-made furnishings.
It wasn't until I got closer that I was able to read the sign on the top of it:
A variety of dolls' house decorating ideas displayed with signs explaining what they are made of. Next to them is a larger sign that says 'Miss Polly's Dolls House. Take a peek inside and see how easy it is to make things for Miss Polly's Dolls House using everyday items.
and got very excited.
Child's wooden dolls' house filled with home-made furnishings, on display next to a shelving unti displaying baskets of craft items. A woman is looking through one of the baskets.
Because what they've done is taken a fairly standard kid's dolls' house and used it as the centre of an area dedicated to showing how everyday discarded items can be used to make minis, and offering a selection of items that you might want to use:
A colse-up view of shelves of baskets holding various craft supplies, with various-coloured stickers on each bag.
An example: 
Bag of plastic pieces in a basket, with a sticker on it saying 'Miss Polly light fittings'.
I eventually found my plant pots (50 cents each), but also came home with these:
A selection of fabric samples. On top is displayed a miniature guitar, a plaster mask scrapbooking decal and four large silver beads.
(which were $5 total).

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