Friday, January 08, 2021

Finish it off Friday: sofa so good

 It's the end of my first week back at work, and I'm easing in quite nicely so far. 

It helps that I'm still working from home full time (oh how I love working from home, how much more I achieve here, and how sad will I be if I'm ever forced back into the office full time again!), and that the temperature is still nicely comfortable for me so my brain is still sprightly and firing on all cylinders at the end of the day.

And so, as the week drew to a close I started considering the idea of a second Finish it off Friday for the year: the sofa from day 28 of Daily Dolls' House December that got put to one side.

Aerial view of a plastic container holding a half-made one twelfth modern miniature sofa, with various components to finish it surrounding the container: double-sided tape, spare fabric, foam and pins for feet.
And perhaps even venturing out to buy some replacement fusible webbing now the Christmas craziness at the shops has died down...

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Penelope said...

Can't wait to see finished sofa!