Thursday, October 18, 2007

Be careful what you wish for...

I made $50 yesterday selling some books to Booklore. Spent some of it on snacks for the cupboard to stave off morning tea and afternoon tea munchies for the next week or so and left the rest burning a hole in my wallet.

This morning as I was lazing in bed waiting for 6am to arrive I idly though "gosh, wouldn't it be nice to go spend some of that money today?!"

I rather meant finding time to pop into an op shop or two (it's been far too long). Maybe dropping into the mall. Or driving out to Spotlight which is open late tonight.

What I didn't mean was having to spend $30 on a cat carrier (since mine is locked in J&M's garage and they're off cruising the Pacific.) And driving a 68 km round trip. With Nibbs in said cat carrier looking most perplexed and disgruntled. To give the vet $68.(Odd how the cat carrier suddenly looks like a fine place to be once you arrive at the vet's, isn't it?)

Finally there was the $2.90 I spent on steak to mollify him (the cat, not the Vet) once we arrived home.

As the Vet said "There are two sorts of fighters. Good fighter and bad fighters. Bad fighters get bitten on the bum as they run away. Nibbs got bitten on the face. This proves he's a good fighter." Errr... cheers. I think?


Taphophile said...

Oh poor Nibbs - he not only fought the other cat but your bank balance as well.

Studious Sister said...

Rats,... did I tell you my story of going to listen to a buddhist monk talk of non attachment to material things, and then I took some lentil stew home from the shared lunch only to find it had leaked all over my bag and ruined my ipod.... Oh the irony !!!
Goes to show "always expect the unexpected" -ho ho ho -sob! :-/

Mondo Viagiatore said...

Next time you need a cat cage, call - I also have one