Tuesday, October 02, 2007

The Ten Canoes hat

A friend from Sydney, Taph and I went to see Ten Canoes at National Library this evening.

I knew I could rely on Taph and her new larger knitting bag to have a spare Time Thief Watch Cap for me to work on (Purple. Anny Blatt. Very nice and especially good as Taph had rescued it from going into the rubbish bin at Salvos. Philistines!)We clicked and clacked through the movie and by the time it finished I almost had too.Please note how well it goes with the Mathieu Mategot tapestry in the foyer...


*BB* said...

You knitting types are so fast! And I still think that bag is the coolest ever. Maybe when my etsy shop makes me filthy rich I can commission one.

Taphophile said...

Ten bloody chins, more like! You did a beautiful job, though - it will be finished today.

BB, I'm sure once TSS has updated her shop you could grab yourself a bag.