Friday, October 12, 2007

Of corset was a good day, it was a Friday.

A close up picture of a doll's underwear set in the new Cabinets of Curiosities Exhibition at CMAG (darned if I can find the exhibition listed on their webpage. Let me know if you manage it).

I just happened to be at the opening this evening (of the exhibition, not the underwear!) and took the opportunity to corral Taph into coming over and helping me measure my dolls houses for my turn in the spotlight (you remember, I've been banging on about it for far too long.)

I caught up with Ampersand Duck and Co as I left but apart from that it was a quiet night as Taph was off to see a play and the friends that had told me they'd meet me at the opening before heading back to my place never showed and when I called them they'd left their mobile at home and were "out" (according to their daughter who answered the phone.)

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Rachel said...

I've been known to eat my hat but not my shoes. Hush puppies are a Southern food. Delicious little fried blobs of corn meal. Sort of like tater tots. (Do they have them in Oz?)
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