Monday, October 08, 2007

The weekend: Bummed out, Birthday, Bogongs (and Boobs!)

The IKEA hacker article was in Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald (which I bought at Pyrmont Market for $1) but alas I'd been cut. Thus is the world of newspapers...Princess B's gluten-free birthday cakes were boughtthen we went back to her place for breakfast (zoons! that also begineth with B!) and the unwrapping of the presents. I can now show off the notice board I made to go with the fabric covered drawing pins:In the evening we headed down to the Dove Pink Star Walk, freaking out on the way at the huge numbers of Bogong moths covering the city. Creepy... (On a side note, when I arrived on Friday night Princess B informed me her house was full of Bogans. I thought she meant people with mullets and singlets and tinnies were sprawled on her sofa watching the footie and clutching tinnies. Then she explained she meant Bogong Moths!)
These girls next to us had Hope spelt out in lifesavers on their bras.Princess B points out an Aussie icon for my readersMore Aussie icons at The Rocks And, finally two icons in one.

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