Sunday, October 21, 2007

Seven sevens are 49 (Seven Things Spring Week 7)


* 1 reac miniature Eames la Chaise. Completely unnecessary really, but the *cough* acquisitions policy meant completely justifiable. Oh, did I mention it's beautiful? And limited edition so if I didn't get it now I might miss out?
* 1
cat carrier (grrr!)
* 2 white plastic storage baskets. $2 each from Hot Dollar. I bought them as I thought they looked like a good size to store and display a range of Groovy Green Bags on a stall. When I have a range of Groovy Green Bags to store. And a stall to display them on...
* 1 pair 10 mm wooden knitting needles. $1 from Salvos. Not sure if I'll actually be able to squeeze them into my knitting needle jar but I couldn't just leave them there!
* 1 not very sexy but bloody cheap cat feeding spoon. In fact I think it turned out to be free (thanks Salvos!)
* 3 rug wool measure blocks. I found these buried in the depths of a lurid yellow plastic sewing box at Salvos Mitchell. Obeying the number 1 frugalling law (always look inside everything!) I scooped them up and paid $1 for all three. They won't be used for their intended purpose but I think they are wonderful (remember "Cock O'th' North" rug wool. It's the best!) You noticed there are only two in the photo? One was a double up and found a new home with
* Single Mr Men doona cover. $3. Destined for the stash pile.
* Another goodie bag from Taph which contained 1 piece of multi coloured polka dot fabric, a jar opener (donated after she saw my usual method which involves a hammer and a nail through the lid), and 2 Tupperware keyrings which might work in a dolls house setting.

Total In this week: 13


* Spring 07 medibank Private feelbetter magazine, Sept/ Oct 2007 NRMA Open Road magazine: recycled
* 15 books: sold to Booklore
* 3 recent magazines and the Good Taste from the Pink Star Walk: given to Taph
* 16 records: sold to Landspeed Records
* 1 red cat-feeding spoon which broke: thrown out.
* 10 old UK marie claire magazines: donated to Lifeline Book Fair
* 1 Beehive rug wool measuring block: given to Taph

Total Out this week: 49


Bags and Time Thief Watch Caps. Boring as. Sorry!

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring: 191


Taphophile said...

The bags aren't boring!

Anonymous said...


shopping sherpa: you are right! I got sucked in by the Spotlight 20% hoopla . thanks!