Thursday, October 04, 2007

The End.

Tonight I went to see Risky Two - The Shortest Shrift which made me quite sad.

Not because it was the last of my Canberra Theatre subscription performances for the year but because it's the last Risky Manoeuvres. Ever. (Well OK, there are still performances tomorrow and Saturday nights but you know what I mean!)

In a weird twist of fate it turns out that the performers "Trotman and Morrish launched the Australian Choreographic Centre in 1997 with their unique form of tragi-comic improvisational dance performance.

Now, after 10 years of development and performances, Morrish returns from Europe and Trotman from Melbourne for a reunion season in Canberra. This is a one-off opportunity to see them together again, a little more mature and a little more reckless, and just one more chance to confess! "

I did cheer up slightly when I realised one of the dancers was a cute bald man. And slightly more when he told me afterwards that he works at the university where Patrick Stewart is Chancellor. I refrained from touching him just so I could say I touched the man who touched the campus which touched one of my crushes.

And really, I can't be glum when I received my invite to the launch of 2008's subscription season in the mail yesterday, can I?

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