Sunday, October 28, 2007

Seven Things Spring Week 8


* Souvenir (black and white, of course!) Vanuatu bag from J&M's cruise to the Pacific.
* Another black sheep needle holder, courtesy of Happy Spider
* Summer 2007 knit.1 magazine (subscription) which I forgot to photograph...
* White plastic row counter in the shape of a sheep's head: gift from the lovely owner of the local newsagent who thought I might like it
* Set of four miniature Vespa magnets for the dolls house scooter toy collection.
* Black and white jug, Dream a Little Dream video and length of barkcloth picked up in Salvos Chatswood while I was in Sydney on Thursday
* Friday's haul in Sydney included a Mac lipstick (free, since I took in 6 empty Mac containers I've been collecting for years), a book and a small silver coloured piggy bank. All rather restrained, I thought...

Total In this week: 21


* 7 books: sold
* 4 small stuffed toys which I really don't need: donated to Women's Refuge.
* 3 vases (culling my collection), the woolly tree wall hanging I bought for 20 cents (and replaced with my incorrigible acts of blogging picture, the 2 pudding glasses I bought in February last year and have never used, and a punch tool I bought as a swap for someone who fixed my phone over a year ago and who has never arranged to collect it (even after numerous phone calls from me): donated to Salvos.
* 1 IKEA calatogue: give to Alison in our Sydney office.
* 6 empty Mac containers: swapped in Sydney for a free lipstick.
* 10 old UK marie claire magazines: donated to Lifeline Book Fair

Total Out this week: 35


Craft? What's that?!

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring: 205


Taphophile said...

Oooh, you have done well. I particularly like that silver piggy bank.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

It's a little brother to this one here:

Michelle said...

Nice loot! Where did you get the adorable Vespa magnets? I'm thinking ahead for Mr QM's christmas gift.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Michelle

The magnets were from Don't Tell Phyllis in Kingston but I assume Unit Concepts would also have them.

If you're looking for scootery goodness for presents, the latest Holy Sheet! catalogue has blue and red scooter PJs which are pretty damned cool...

Michelle said...

Oh thank you! I love Don't tell Phyllis. It will be worth the trip (especially seeing as Cassidy's is next door).