Friday, October 26, 2007

Delayed pleasure

After a lovely relaxing day in Sydney with nothing much to do except visit the Mac counter to swap empties into a lipstick and meet the Editor of The Tiny Times to deliver a bag she'd bought off me, I arrived at Sydney airport this afternoon only to have my flight delayed due to an electrical storm. In my laid -back and zen-like state I decided this was a good thing indeed as it gave me time to finally go check out the Qantas Heritage Collection.

I found it odd that there were only 4 other people in total looking at the exhibition while I was there - maybe no one else waiting realised it was up there? (hmmm... Qantas - maybe you could change your delay announcements to mention it "we apologise for the delay but suggest you might like to visit our free historic display while you wait...Or better yet, spend lots of money in the shops and cafes!")There were models of flying machines and airplanes through history.Interesting things like uniforms through the ages (for the girls) and bits of engine and wheel (for the boys).Explanations of how the cockpits worked in the old days:Intriguing photographs,examples of the fitout of the new A380, including a stack of cotton bedding and a mohair blanket to tempt you into first class (I bet those blankets will be nicked left, right and centre. My fingers were getting twitchy just looking at them...)
All in all I was most surprised. The time passed quickly and I left wishing I'd had more of a chance to check out all the old advertising and photographs on display. Oh well, there's always next time!

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