Sunday, October 07, 2007

Seven Things Spring: Week 5. On Friday, I failed...

In (Monday - Thursday):

* 2 Royal Caribbean brochures (for Asia and Pacific cruises), 1 Royal Caribbean Crown & Anchor Society magazine
* 1 white wire storage cart for storing works in progress (thanks to
Plump Pudding for the idea)
* November 2007 AU marie claire magazine

(I was feeling pretty cocky at this stage. You know: "gosh! This whole Seven Things malarkey is a piece of pi... cake!". Then I arrived in Sydney:)

* 2 2008 IKEA catalogues (one of these makes me a very happy girl indeed. The other is to destined to be passed on to some poor IKEA catalogueless soul I might come across in my wanderings)
* 1 Good Taste magazine from the Dove Pink Star Walk goodie bag (hurrah - everything else in the bag that I kept can be considered consumable and therefore not countable!)
* 2 black boxes, 1 black and white box, 1 small tin and 5 white gift bags courtesy of Princess B.
* 2 Erasure CDs (which I already own) also courtesy of Princess B. If you have a hankering to own Erasure (my fave Erasure CD) or Cowboy speak now and help me improve next week's figures!
* Candle holder (which I think looks more like a miniature coffee table)

Total In this week: 20


* 3 lots of scrapy fabric bits that I never liked and really aren't much use for making anything out of: bin.
* 3 early 80s Mary Gilliatt decorating books which an ex boss gave me about 5 years ago and I kept because I had the room at the time, but have never opened (and now I do the contents are cringeworthily dated) plus 10 old UK marie claires and 1 ex-Library copy of Autobiography of a Face which I doubt I'll read again: Lifeline Bookfair
* 1 Jigsaw plus 2 other suprises to Heidi

Total Out this week: 21

(Yup, that would be a failure in hitting this week's goal. No banana. Do not pass Go! Do not collect whatever it is these days for passing Go!.

Oh, don't you worry, I thought of cheating. Eyed up the bag of 14 wooden clothes pegs Pink Trees had sent me as a swap which I could probably live without if it meant a quick fix to the problem. Considered sacrificing the box of Freedom catalogues I have. But in the end I decided that really wouldn't be in the spirit of the challenge and so this week I give myself a big D (for fail, not distinction just in case you're not concentrating here).

Not that I'm complaining too much as I'm very happy with the goodies I ended up with over the weekend. And on a positive note, at least I didn't end up with more things in than out!)


A big fat zilch

Net items out so far during Seven Things Spring: 137


Taphophile said...

Obviously there is a Week 5 slump happening - at least you didn't have a negative result and everything in was reasonable. Better luck next week.

Heidi said...

Oooh! Can't wait for my surprises! I'm happy to help you out with your in/out project. You should get your package soon, and I tried not to go overboard, since I know you're trying to limit your stuff 'in." Feel free to recycle "out" anything you don't want or need.