Friday, October 19, 2007

Two (sigh)

My trusty washing machine decided this morning it wanted some attention and stopped spinning.

The repairman is booked for Monday afternoon "sometime between noon and 5pm" For him to turn up costs $110, even before he looks at the machine. (When did Tradespeople get so expensive?!)

So I guess Do washing is off my list for the rest of the weekend... As is Spend money recklessly on fun and useless things.

Wonder what number three will be? (She says worriedly as she glances between her laptop and the digital camera...)


Taphophile said...

Gee, am I ever glad I didn't take you up on the offer to do washing at your place tomorrow!

Fingers crossed it's a nice easy thing to fix.

gemma said...

hopefully three will be a plant in the garden or something of that ilk. fingers crossed for the washer,and offer the tradie a cuppa, cause sometimes they will not charge for extra time if you are nice and friendly.

Mary said...

Probably just needs a new timer - a $70.00 fix. I did mine myself - too cheap, uh...frugal, to pay someone to come out to unscrew 2 screws and a plug and put the new ones in. will set you up.