Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Oh I started off well this morning. The sewing machine was humming, completed bags were flying out left, right and centre. I was feeling very smug.

Then I tried loading them onto Made It, which has a new "improved" image upload system with an obnoxious thumbnail editor which kept asking me which bit of my picture I'd like on my listing. Err.... all of it would be preferable, thanks.

So after a frustrating time I had to admit defeat for now. I'll try again on Friday but in the meantime here's the new knitting bag design:available in both Mama and Papa sizes. (If you happen to be desperate to own it before Friday drop me an email and we'll talk.)

After such a frustrating morning there was only one thing to do: head on down to National Museum for some cheering up courtesy of the wonderful Nigel Sutton Robbie the Rat. The storytelling was rollicking good fun.
Carriage horses, not, as you may think, Kangaroos.An exciting chase scene!The ubiquitous groupie photo. Don't worry, I remembered I was vegetarian just in time...

But wait! There was more. After a spot of lunch I returned for the 1:30pm Gallery Tour.
Full ratty splendour!Pied Piper in reverse...
Shameless plug for fine free entertainment:

Robbie the Rat: Storytelling and performance

National Museum of Australia
Wednesday 3 – Sunday 7 October 2007 and
Wednesday 10 – Sunday 14 October 2007
Storytelling in the Hall 12.30–1pm

Gallery tour 1.30–2pm

Please go - and don't worry if you have no little people to drag along!

And finally, rats that I spotted a full set of 15 Muppet Show videos at Salvos for $50 and called my sponsor who talked me out of the purchase. Actually not so rats as it means I can eat for the next week...


pinar said...

the bag is stylish..
and the tail looks.. yummy ??
but you look as if you were enjoying it so much.. =P
thanks for a different visit

Margie said...

the bag is SO CUTE!
did you do that picture yourself?

Pippala said...

I've been reading your blog for about a month now.
Which Salvos did you find those muppet videos in? I think I can handle not eating for a week for those...

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Pippala

If I saw Belconnen that pretty much guarantees I can't sneak back for them, right?


The Shopping Sherpa said...

Hi Margie

Alas, no but I did improve it if that helps :-)