Monday, October 22, 2007

Reasons to be cheerful (Parts 1-4)

1. Heidi had emailed me to say she'd love the wooden sewing jigsaw I bought a few weeks ago and we arranged a swap since I was as smitten with the Martha Stewart mad scientist beverage labels and stickers as she was with my puzzle. And so a swap was decided, stickers for puzzle...

Well, the parcel arrived this morning and was suspiciously fat for just stickers. Lovely Heidi had also included some vintage black white (and a little bit red) fabric which I'm tempted to whip up into a new messenger bag for my trip, a copy of Clotilde's Sewing Savvy (you'll notice there were no new magazines in my In pile last week so this will stave off withdrawal symptoms quite nicely), and a handmade felted bookmark and beautiful grey and red flower brooch. Thank you Heidi, you're far too generous!

2. Thanks also to J (and her guest pass to The ANU Film Group). I finally saw Ratatouille yesterday. For free. Fabulous film, just as I expected. If I wasn't being so frugal I might just have to buy it on DVD when it comes out.

3. I went to Spotlight at lunchtime today to track down the interfacing that was out of stock at both Hobby Sew and Lincraft (turns out Spotlight don't stock it at all anymore). I discovered Spotlight was having a one-day-only 20% off everything sale so I got my boring black bagmaking cloth super cheap. Waahey!

4. The Fisher Paykel fix it man came. The washing machine took one look at him, fluttered its eyelashes (I swear! I saw it!) and spun and pumped perfectly first time. Trollop. Since I had the chap here anyway and wanted my $110 worth I got him to check things out and, with a squirt of WD40 up the bum (of the machine, not the fixit man) he pronounced the damn thing healthy as could be and able to last for years yet.


Taphophile said...

Ah, the NRMA principle - as soon as the NRMA man gets to you, the car starts. Bloody uppity appliances!

Loving the fabric and the bottle labels.

Michelle said...

We used to have a little Hitachi washing machine. Every year it would play up - wouldn't pump, spin, fill ... so we'd walk into the laundry with the cordless phone and call Hardly Normal to get a price on a new machine. The bloody Hitachi would get jealous every time and then work like a dream. This went on for, oh 7 years, until it finally lost it's mind and we replaced it with Mr Maytag.

The loot you got is excellent! How lucky!

Heidi said...

Glad you liked the package. And I wasn't that generous: I think your postage was a lot more than mine. I love the puzzle! (And may not share it with the kids, and instead use it to decorate a sewing room someday!)

Sorry about the washing machine repairman woes.

AMCSviatko said...

Michelle - that's classic!