Sunday, October 14, 2007

For what's a birthday without cake?

Nicknameless S and I are beggars for punishment as a mere 13 and a half hours after leaving the National Gallery we were back for more.

After lunch in the Members' Lounge we headed off in different directions - S to a workshop and me to howl with laughter at the Open Stage Productions' Ned Kelly improvisation (alas no photos allowed), where I learnt an alternative version of Australian history where Ned Kelly steals a diamond from an icecream shop and is told to remember The Australian Womans' Weekly comes out on a Tuesday (and to always carry serviettes).

And if that wasn't enough laughter for one day I then went to the Bigotbri CWA Ladies' tour of NIAT. To quote a quite unrelated website: "Satirizing age-old covert racist opinions of white Australia, the Bigotbri Ladies invert and expose mainstream perceptions of race, class and ethics. Unaware of their own shortcomings the Bigotbri Ladies are, like the recession, the comedy duo we had to have. Politically incorrect and loving it!" To make things even funnier, most of the artists were there and had to cope with questions from The Ladies like "Are you Bipolar?"

Here's the one (really bad) picture I managed to take before being officially tapped on the shoulder and told photography was not allowed:
Oh, yeah, you're wondering about the cake.

Afternoon tea in the Members' Lounge. Best cupcake I've ever eaten (and not just because I was lolling on a Barcelona Chair, overlooking the lake and eating something that had a star on wire sticking out of the middle of it.... )

But I have to say I'm feeling satiated with culture after the week just passed. Am worried that next week will find me on the couch with my hand down my pants, eating McDonalds while watching some DVD with scantily clad women, guns and lots of explosions and chugging Bundy and Cola.


Taphophile said...

Oh that does look like a good day. I'm assuming the 25 refers to the NGA's birthday and not the quantity of cupcakes eaten. ;)

Heidi said...

I received your package on Thursday. Thanks so much! I love the puzzle and the fabric. And I've already eaten the sweets! I posted a thank you on my blog. Hope you get my package soon.

The Shopping Sherpa said...

Yes, alas the birthday number not amout of cupcakes eaten :-(

But while we're talking about numbers we (that's not the royal we, btw) managed to get through 700 bottles of champagne on Saturday night - plus red wine, white wine and beer. If they'd just given us water they could have had enough cash to buy a whole new piece of art...