Monday, April 10, 2006

And then it was done....

I finally pulled finger last night and finished The Jumper Based On A True Pattern. I did mean to finish it last Monday at Craft Catch up but we held it at J's place and I forgot to take the wool to knit the neckline.

So before I made dinner I sat down and knitted the neckline ribbing and after dinner I sewed it up lickety split, just like that.

And just in time too - it's definately jumper weather. In fact I put the heater on for the first time while I was knitting.

I'm still getting used to actually wearing TJBOATP - in some pictures I look suspiciously like an albino bumble bee (I somehow forgot in the planning of the garment that in Vogue and Elle the Dior jumper is modelled by stick insects who are around 10 foot tall so they look elegant and gazelle-like in them. I, unfortunately am not 10 foot tall nor lithe and gangly)

I'm thinking a wash will sort it all out and we'll be laughing.


Shanna said...

wow! woot woo! lookin' good!!

Taphophile said...

Ooh, finished stuff - well done. Mohair should be toasty warm - just what the meteorologist ordered. :)