Wednesday, April 19, 2006

This is a magazine...

I bought it at the newsagents.
With other magazines.

It has an ISSN.

So, therefore, it is NOT cheating. (*Insert big toothy grin here*)

Besides it feels wonderful (lovely thick glossy matt paper).

It has lovely pictures in it:Some cool patterns including a jumper (which I imagine being done in shades of grey. Oddly enough. But only after May has started)And a cool cushion pattern which I could have fun with...Hell, it even SMELLS good (oops, there's the Librarian in me surfacing again. DOWN GIRL! )

Who is this Jo Sharp girl and can I marry her?

(Soundtrack: Spook, The Dusk Sessions - buy this if you like Portishead)


Anonymous said...

Does that cover model look like she's trying not to cry or is it just me?

Taphophile said...

Items with ISSNs are on MY banned list, but far be it for me to point the circ at anyone!

Happy to send over the appropriate needle should you require it. :)

mamatulip said...

Ooooh....I loooooove those pillows!!!

AMCSviatko said...

I think we all drew the line at different points - like they say "make your own way there". I sort of decided craft supplies were out but if necessary the occassional aid would be sort OK.

Thanks for the offer of a loan of a needle - with only 11 days to go it it doesn't work out I'll call it a trial run and buy myself a needle then. :-)