Saturday, January 26, 2008

Second Hand Saturday - scratching the itch

I haven't been op shopping for over a week and since I slept through yesterday rather than take eBay packages to the Post Office I decided this morning to head over to Belconnen Mall (where the Post Office is open Saturday morning) and post them. And check if Kmart had any decent cat collars in their 20% off sale. And pick up some cheap sushi.

And, you know, while I was in the area, it seemed silly not to check out a few op shops... Vinnies supplied me with a book to read ($2) and a CD to listen to ($4).
And found in the craft room of the new Y's Buys in Weedon Close: 2.5 sets of cream knitting needles ($1.50 - and for a change the odd needle matches one I have in my odds and sods jar!), Paytonyle sock pattern (50 cents), how to knit book for friend Tracy who wants me to teach her in March ($1.00), MIP dolls house bowl of knitting (how weird is that? $1.50), 2 vintage row counters (50 cents each)and, finally, this piece of cotton fabric ($4 for 120 cm x 240 cm).

Total (including a cat collar and sushi): $25.50. I'm happy.


Janet McKinney said...

I just drove past Vinnies, Y's and Salvos - and to my disappointment, they were closed. there probably wouldn't have been anything left after you had been anyhow!! Not that I needed anything!

I have just returned from Calvary Emergency - thought I may have been having an AF episode again - turns out my heart was in good rhythm and they let me go home. I have NOTHING to complain about the service there.

Taphophile said...

Nice restrained little haul. Well done.