Friday, January 04, 2008

364 days ago...

... I started Finish it off Friday to try and clear the backlog of half finished projects that had crept into my life.

Guess what? I seem to have the same issue this year (but mostly new projects). So I guess Finish it off Friday will become a January tradition.

Here's a list of what I found (so far) that need to be finished:

* Greeny blue cardigan (started October 2006)
* Soft trees (buttons collected December 2006, trees 80% sewn December 2007)
* Wooden suitcases (bought and dismantled Feb 2007)
* Black daisy hoodie (started April 2007)
* Various bags (half sewn November 2007)
*Cotton cupcakes (knitted (but not sewn up) November 2007)
* various coloured cotton washcloths with ends that need darning in (also November 2007)
* Princess B's stole (started 23rd November 2007 and knitted from Canberra to Sydney then up through Indonesia and Singapore before returning to Canberra. That's one well travelled (and quite famous onboard) bit of knitting!)

I'll add to the list as I uncover other unfinished projects (gulp!) and take great delight in crossing things off as I finish them. I reckon fits quite nicely in with the whole Seven Things challenge. Feel free to join me. After all it's only for 4 weeks!

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m1k1 said...

Aha. D2 will be away for over a week. That means I can attack the "craft room" and find all those unfinished things, since I can use her room for spreading-things-out-space! AND I'll have to have it all neat and tidy by the end of the week. Have I got enough space on my blogsite for a list of all I am likely to find?

Good luck with your FioF.