Friday, May 01, 2009


You'd think that someone who was down to 1 day a week permanent work would be all glum and sombre, wouldn't you?

I keep thinking I should be.


* I'm enjoying my lowly paid casual job. Far too much, I suspect. Just call me Little Miss Pollyanna...
* I'm having one of those weeks I occasionally have where all sorts of enticingly interesting possibilities that I never considered are flapping around in the air. Can't say anything concrete yet but I have fingers, toes, arms and eyes crossed that they'll land in my lap very very soon.*

* The bottom part of my Mickey memory stick arrived today:Yes, it may look like a 4gig MPlayer with an adaptor thingy hanging out its bum but, since I already have a perfectly good (more expensive 1 gig) Mplayer, this is definitely a memory stick. According to the Tax Office, anyway...
* Dans 21 jours je vais en vacances à Nouméa!

(*If you have my number and are burning with curiosity, feel free to call me and I can fill you in...)

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m1k1 said...

The goodest of all good lucks in your crossed-everything enabled future.