Thursday, August 20, 2009

Midweek migraines, miniatures and eeny meenie miney moe...

The Migraine Monster paid me a visit yesterday, probably to remind me I'm trying to do too much. As usual. I took to my bed and ignored it. As usual. But not before admiring the photographs Krista Peel sent me of her latest roombox:

(If you're so inclined, prints are available here.)

By 3pm I'd staggered out of bed, tidied myself up and tried to look human for last night's Design Fundamentals class which involved a trip to The National Gallery to listen to Contemporary Australian Architects 2009 speaker Philip Thalis on Hill Thalis Architecture + Urban Projects.

And the "eeny meenie miney moe" part of the day? Involved a flying visit through the National Portrait Gallery gift shop to start thinking about what to spend a gift voucher I received for my birthday on. I love gift vouchers and the long drawn out process of deciding exactly what to buy with them!

I also have to decide on which designer to use for my oral presentation for the Designers in Context part of the course which we received the details of last night. Terence Conran? Charles and Ray Eames? Raymond Loewy?

Decisions decisions...


callsmall said...

Wow, fabulous pics of that roombox -- thanks for sharing.

Natalie_myminiworld said...

Lovely room box!

Petra said...

that is really great - inspiring - lovely... I visited the website and I am deeply impressed.
thank you for sharing!!!
regards from germany - I hope you feel fine meanwhile?