Tuesday, August 25, 2009


The newly released 2010 IKEA catalogue.

Reward: name your price!


missfee said...

I have one at home you can have

Michelle said...

You can order it online from IKEA the first week in September.

Anonymous said...

A pile of them has been dropped off to the communal letterbox at my place. All nicely wrapped in plastic too. Isn't it great when you don't just get phone books delivered enmasse, but Ikea catalogues too!
I'll put one in the post for you tomorrow. Not all the flats are currenty occupied, so there will be some going spare (if the pile is still there) *makes note to self on phone calendar*


Heidi said...

I'm glad to see others can help you out, because I just tossed mine since we are moving. If you don't get one, I'll try to hunt one down.

twitchy fingers said...

Man, is it that time of year again already?