Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Offline and feeling fine...

It's been just over a month since I was burgled. A month where I've had very limited access to the internet: usually an hour or less a day at the library or the occasional use of a friend's netbook and dongle at home.

When I have managed to get online it's been a mad rush to check (and reply to) the important emails, upload my What I wore today photos and blog.

There's not been much blog reading, but a lot more reading of books. One of which was
The winter of our disconnect : how three totally wired teenagers (and a mother who slept with her iphone) pulled the plug on their technology and lived to tell the tale which, ironically, I came to the top of the waiting list at the library while in the middle of a similar (but not as lengthy or encompassing) "rest" from technology.

It's a fascinating and thought provoking read which, I suspect, will be affecting how I approach the use of my new laptop when it arrives. Having been pretty much absent from my Bloglines account for a month I'm not looking forward to the mess that will await my return. But I think that will cause me to reassess my ability to keep up with the huge number of blogs that have crept onto my "must read list".

Or maybe things will just return to how they were before the burglary...

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Michelle said...

I've been wanting to read that book. Will have to queue it at the library. I am feeling less of a pull towards online lately. It's been nice. Actually, I've been feeling less of a pull towards most things lately - must be the moon phase!