Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's on my camera?

All my photos over the past few days have been work related.

Sort of.

On Sunday, on my break, I noticed how well my knitting, my tea mug and the table top went together. In a very 70s way.

Actually, that's probably when my op-shopped wool was produced...And today I just had to capture my reply to a note I was left by a friend and colleague:(And, in case you're worried, I did weed)


Kerry said...

May I enquire what a 920 is?
Er.. tight as in intoxicated?

AMCSviatko said...

"A 920" is a biography or an autobiography. Don't get me started as to why we have books about musical groups (The Beatles) or dogs in the 920s...

"Tight" in Library terms means they're tightly shelved, with not much room for additional book sthat are returned.

But my brain automatically pictured a boozey party happening in the 920s and lots of drunken books...